The M&G Credit Income Investment Trust.

The Company aims to generate a regular and attractive level of income with low asset value volatility by investing in a diversified portfolio of public and private debt and debt-like instruments (‘Debt Instruments’), of which at least 70% will be investment grade

Top 20 holdings:-

M&G European Loan Fund 8.41% of the fund

Cash 7.80% of the fund

HSBC Holdings Plc 1.92% of the fund

Project Gate 1.82% of the fund

Brass No 6 Plc Brass 6 1.76% of the fund

Warwick Finance Residential Mortgages No. One Plc Warw 1 1.53% of the fund

Silverstone Master Issuer Smi 18-1x 1.51% of the fund

Newday Partnership Funding Plc Ndpft 17-1 1.51% of the fund

Coventry Building Society 1.48% of the fund

Marstons Issuer Plc 1.38% of the fund

Castell Caste 18-1 1.34% of the fund

Charter Mortgage Funding CCMF 18-1 1.34% of the fund

Yorkshire Building Society 1.24% of the fund

Altice Luxembourg SA 1.22% of the fund

Paragon Mortgages Plc Pargn 25 1.20% of the fund

Imperial Brands Finance Plc 1.19% of the fund

Lloyds Banking Group Plc 1.19% of the fund

Sonovate Limited 1.17% of the fund

London and Quadrant Housing Trust Ltd 1.17% of the fund

Hammerson Plc 1.17% of the fund

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