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Brazilian Oil Production

The B in BRICS stands for Brazil.

No surprising that the state oil company Petrobas is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Brazil accounts for 2.9% of world production, and produce 2,346,000 barrels of oil per day.

What is worth of the Brazilian Economy ?

2,346,000 barrels of oil, oil is worth per barrel $48.37 so this equates to $113,476,020 which is £74,709,300.

Yes £74million a day is the “Crude Oil” value to Brazil.


The Temple Bar Investment Trust

The Temple Bar Investment Trust is a London Listed £700m investment trust. Managed by Investec Fund Managers, founded in 1926.

HSBC Holdings Plc 7.3%
GlaxoSmithKline Plc 6.3%
Royal Dutch Shell Plc B 6.3%
BP Plc 5.4%
Grafton Group Plc-UTS 4.8%
Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Plc 4.0%
Lloyds Banking Group PLC 3.7%
British American Tobacco 3.4%
Direct Line Insurance Group PLC 2.8%
BT Group Plc 2.6%

The top ten account for 46.6% of the £700m fund. Very positive to see that The Temple Bar Investment Trust PLC, is holding investments in high quality companies like the world’s leading media and telecommunications corporation,

It gives a yield of 3.7% which is quite generous in these 0.5% times.

It is currently running at a discount of 3% meaning one is buying assets of £1.00 for just £0.97

Property Partner: Peer to Peer

The rapid growth in Peer to Peer lending is creating new ways to buy properties.

Property Partner is a new scheme that allows investors to buy a stake in a UK property that is on rent. Giving the investor to collect a rental income.

This is a clever mechanism for investors to reduce risk by spreading the risk across a portfolio of properties, that are managed by Property Partner.

Double digit income is what is currently achieved.

Electricity in United States of America.

The world’s only super power is the USA. A measure of a nation’s economic might is the amount of Electricity the country produces.

The UK produces 335 TW/h (TeraWatt/Hours)

The USA produces 5202 TW/h (TeraWatt/Hours)

That is over 15 times more than the UK

The USA produces 18.3% of the world’s electricity, the UK makes produces 1.4% of the world’s electricity.

VPC Specialty Lending Investments

VPC Specialty Lending Investments is a newly London Listed Investment vehicle from the Victoria Park Capital of the USA.


This investment fund is based on lending to Small and Medium Enterprises, the funds are generates from loans from Peer to Peer platforms, such as AssetzCapital


It is really an investment fund for income seeking investors.


The yield in credible.


Yes 8.1%

Not entirely surprising as it is generating business loans, that command a higher level of debt interest.

The Advance Frontier Markets Fund

The Advance Frontier Markets Fund is a £87m London Listed Investment trust.


It is effectively a fund of funds that investments is what could be seen as high risk markets.

85% if the fund is made up of 20 investments:-

VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund
Sustainable Capital Nigeria Fund
Sustainable Capital Africa Consumer Fund
PineBridge Sub-Saharan Fund
Africa Emerging Markets Fund
BofAML Fondul Proprietatea Romania
Ashmore Middle East Equity Fund
Africa Opportunity Fund
Advance Copernico Argentina Equity Fund
PXP Vietnam Fund
SCM Vietnam Fund
SCM Africa Fund
Sturgeon Central Asia Equity Fund
iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF
Qatar Investment Fund PLC
EFG Hermes – Saudi Arabia Equity Fund
MENA Alchemy Fund
Picic Growth Fund Pakistan
DB MSCI Bangladesh
MSCI Pakistan
Avaron Emerging Europe Fund Estonia

Very interesting to see who are the major shareholders in The Advance Frontier Markets Fund are:-

Lazard Asset Management LLC who own 15.93%
Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited who own 9.81%
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority who own 7.32%
Wells Capital Management, Inc. who own 5.07%
1607 Capital Partners, LLC who own 5.04%
MAM Funds plc who own 4.99%
British Airways Pension Investment Management Limited who own 3.88%
Investec Asset Management Limited who own 3.69%

The United Arab Emirates: Crude Oil

The United Arab Emirates, a geographically small collection of states such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc., and yet it holds 5.8% of world’s oil.
Home to one of the largest investment companies, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the nation’s sovereign wealth fund. It has cleverly used it oil’s wealth to build this investment fund.

Today, the UAE has proven reserves of 97.8 Thousand Million Barrels of Crude Oil.

What is that worth ?

97.8 Thousand Million Barrels = 97.8 x 1000, 1,000,000 = 97,800,000,000

Now crude oil today is trading at $47.74 =£31.00


97,800,000,000 x £31.00 = £3,031,800,000,000

£3,031 Billion = £3.03 Trillion.
That is about 200% of the UK annual GDP.

The TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund

The TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund is a London Listed investment trust that pays a monthly income.


A £141m investment fund, that is paying a dividend yield of over 3%.


The actual gross yield is incredible, at over 7%

It holds quite non-liquid credit instruments, but these holdings offer a generous return:-

NWIDE 10.25% 06/29/49 (Nationwide Building Society PIBS) that pays 10.25%.
COVBS 6.375% 12/29/49 (Coventry Building Society PIBS) that pays 6.375%.

A very nice little fund that offers an amazing income.

We Swap: Foreign Exchange Travel Money

For year and years foreign exchange is been controlled by banks. Perhaps one has to question if customers are getting the best rates.

Now as the internet offers greater connectivity, we are seeing new ways of exchange. It was 20 years ago that EBay came onto the Internet to transforming buying and selling.
Now we see a new way of currency exchange:

This is just a way of connecting people and exchanging money between these connecting parties. So put it simply, rather than buying currency from a bank “we swap2 changes your money directly with other people abroad.

We Swap call it Social Currency.

It is best explained like this:-

Asad Karim ( is going to Germany on business. He needs to exchange his pounds into Euros. Yousaf Hafeez is coming from Germany to the UK. Yousaf needs to exchange his Euros into Pounds. Now with We Swap these two guys can swap their money. Simple.