UK Debt Issuance: Very Term Bonds….

I saw on the UK Debt Management Office [] that the UK HM Government are going to borrow using Gilt Issuance. (A bond issue)

Nothing new with this, but what is interesting, is the fact, that this Gilt Auction is for long term gilts. The Gilts to be issued will mature in 2068. Yes, a 55 year maturity.


So the UK government are able to borrow at very low interest rates, and the maturity is way in the future, 22nd July 2068 to be precise. By reading the press release, this very long-dated bond, that expires in 2068, is actually going to being issued through a syndicate of banks rather than a normal auction process, thus meaning there is no set amount to be raised, it will be interesting to see how much cash will be raised, and what the coupon rate is (interest rate).

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