The Significance of Legal and General Investment Management

LGIM is the fund management arm of Legal and General, the FTSE-100 insurance giant, led by the careful stewardship Dr. Nigel Wilson. []


£452 billion is the number of funds under management.


To put that into context, UK annual GDP is £1,462 Billion. Thus funds under investment management at Legal and General equate to 31% of UK annual GDP.

Legal & General is one of the largest investors in the UK stock market with over 4% of the FTSE All-share Index. That means they own 4% of nearly every UK listed company. It is an incredible statistic.

It is easy to understand why when one read the corporate mission statement of “Every Day Matters”, when one is looking after £452 billion, or 4% of every UK company, it is a responsibility that is taken exceptionally seriously, and thus it’s true, Every Day Matters.

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