RIT Capital Partners PLC

RIT Capital Partners PLC is also known as the Rothschild Investment Trust.

It is the same family, the Rothschild banking dynasty.


The trust, is a London listed fund, whose aim is to deliver long-term capital growth, while preserving shareholders’ capital; to invest without the constraints of a formal benchmark, but to deliver for shareholders increases in capital value in excess of
the relevant indices over time.


Net assets £4,299m
Total dividend for the year 35.25p per share

Quoted Equity – Long 36% of assets
Quoted Equity – Hedge 11% of assets
Absolute Return & Credit 18% of assets
Private Investments – Funds 23% of assets
Private Investments – Direct 9% of assets
Real Assets 2% of assets
Net Liquidity / Borrowings / Other Assets 1% of assets




Coupang South Korea
Acorn Global
Helios Towers Africa
IQVIA Holdings
Astra Space
Walt Disney Company
CME Group
Kraft Heinz
Unilever U
Reckitt Benckiser

Long-only funds:

HCIF Offshore
Springs Opportunities China
Morant Wright
Discerene Global
Ward Ferry Smaller Asian Companies Asia Small/mid-cap
BlackRock Emerging Markets Emerging Markets
Lansdowne New Energy Global
Sand Grove UK
Emerging India Focus India All-cap
Sumi Trust Japan Japan Small-cap

Hedge funds:

BlackRock Strategic Equity Global All-cap,
Gaoling China All-cap,
Springs Global Strategic Partners China
EcoR1 Capital United States All-cap, biotechnology
Tribeca Global All-cap,
Coreview China All-cap


Nikkei 225 futures Japan Long
MS ESG basket Global Long
MS Tech basket Global Short
NASDAQ 100 futures United States Short
Vaneck Oil Services ETF United States Short


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