The Debt of AT&T and its Balance Sheet

AT&T, the US US phone and telecoms giant carries a lot of debt.

These are large debt numbers:


That is $179 Billion of debt.

How we need to understand this figure.

It needs to repay $82.1bn in the next 12months (liabilities due in the next year).
It has cash reserves of $11.9bn (immediate liquidity)
It also has receivables of $20.1bn in the next 12months (money owed to AT&T).

It still carries a large level of debt.

The cost of interest on this debt is about $8,048 million = $8.048 Billion
So while interest rates are low, paying $8bn on interest is quite manageable, when its turnover is $171,760 million = $171 Billion.
So the Debt to Revenue is at 4%.

Big numbers from American Telephone and Telegraph

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