The BMO Managed Portfolio Trust PLC

The BMO Managed Portfolio Trust PLC is a ‘multi-manager’ investment trust, investing in a range of investment companies giving you exposure to different investment providers and markets within a single investment trust managed by BMO. : The objective for the Growth Portfolio is to provide growth shareholders with capital growth from a diversified portfolio of investment companies. The Growth Portfolio invests in a diversified portfolio of at least 25 investment companies that have underlying investment exposures across a range of geographic regions and sectors and the focus of which is to maximise total returns, principally through capital growth

Top Ten Equity Holdings

Monks Investment Trust 4.6% of the fund
Allianz Technology Trust 4.5% of the fund
Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust 4.3% of the fund
Polar Capital Technology Trust 3.7% of the fund
HgCapital Trust 3.6% of the fund
Chrysalis Investments 3.5% of the fund
Impax Environmental Markets 3.1% of the fund
Herald Investment Trust 3.0% of the fund
Mid Wynd International Investment Trust 2.8% of the fund
Fidelity Special Values 2.8% of the fund

Total 35.9% of the fund

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