The Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust

The Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust aims to generate long term capital growth with the aim of the NAV total return exceeding that of the MSCI AC World Index in Sterling terms by at least 2% per annum over rolling five-year periods and contribute towards a more sustainable and inclusive world by investing in the equities of companies whose products or services make a positive social or environmental impact.

Run by the highly regarded Baille Gifford investment house of Scotland.

Its top ten holdings are:-

Tesla 9.7% of the fund
M3 7.6% of the fund
TSMC 6.1% of the fund
ASML 5.5% of the fund
MercadoLibre 5.2% of the fund
Moderna 4.3% of the fund
Illumina 4.1% of the fund
Dexcom 3.6% of the fund
NIBE 3.1% of the fund
Umicore 3.0% of the fund

Top Ten holdings make up 52.2% of the fund

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