Helium One.

The world is running out of Helium.

Despite its prevalence across the universe, helium is rare on Earth. It is usually found with oil and natural gas. The US is the world’s largest producer, accounting for roughly 40% of supply. However, the US National Helium Reserve in Amarillo, Texas, the world’s single largest source of helium for the past 70 years, is now exhausted.

Apart filling birthday balloons. It plays a critical role in a number of high-tech applications, from barcode readers to semiconductors to liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines can’t work without it. Google, Netflix and Amazon have been buying massive quantities of it for their data centers

However there are opportunities to invest in Helium explorers.

Helium One is a new London Listed company looking for Helium in Tanzania.

Its shares were listed on Fridy 4th Dec 2020



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