The Pacific Investment Management Corporation [PIMCO] is the famous fixed income fund manager, made famous by the two chief investment officers, Bill Gross and Mohammed El-Erian.


Founded in 1971, the money that Pimco manages is huge. They are a fixed income investor, that are mainly investing in bonds (debt)

Numbers are staggering:

$1.97 trillion (£1.21 Trillion) in assets under management
$1.61 trillion (£995 Billion = £0.995 Trillion) in third party client assets

The flagship invesment fund, and perhaps the fund that has made Bill Gross and Pimco famous is the Pimco Total Return Fund. This is a bond fund

PIMCO Total Return Fund has assets $251,105 million = £156,848 million = £156 Billion.
This giant fund has its investments spead in these sectors:
US Government-Related Bonds 35.00 %
Mortgage Bonds 36.00 %
US Credit Bonds 9.00 %
Non-U.S. Developed Bonds 2.00 %
Emerging Market Bonds 6.00 %
Other 5.00 %
Money Market and Net Cash Equivalents 7.00 %

The UK Operation of Pimco has Andrew Balls as the UK Managing Director. Andrew is the brother of the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, the MP for Morley and Outwood, West Yorkshire. [http://www.edballs.co.uk/]

Pimco is owned by the German insurer Allianz, [www.allianz.com]

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