The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Government Pension Fund of Norway is also known as The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund.

With $760bn = £477bn in the fund, it is one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth.
it is projected by 2020, the fund could be over £600bn

This fund is so large, 2.5% of every listed European company and is often in a group’s top 20 shareholders, also incredibly the fund holds on average 1.25% of the world’s shares, that is why when looks at the annual report of large listed companies, one sees this name:

Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). This is the investment arm of The Norwegian Central Bank.

It holds:

Equities = 63.4% of the fund
Bonds = 35.7% of the fund

The UK’s Tony Watson sits on the corporate governance advisory board to the fund. A famous name who was the former CEO of Hermes Investment Management, the fund manager of the UK’s largest pension fund, the BT Pension Fund.

Amazing to think a fund started in 1996, has become this large, what is true, is acorns become oak trees.

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