The Legal and General Multi Manager Income Trust

The Legal and General Multi Manager Income Trust is a Unit Trust that invests in other funds.

It holds:-

Equities 46.6% of the fund

Credit and Emerging Market Debt 26.6% of the fund

Alternatives 16.8% of the fund

Government Bonds 9.4% of the fund

Cash 0.7% of the fund

The fund investment objective is to achieve a high income with some potential for capital growth. The fund will invest in a wide range of investment funds (including funds which are not authorised for sale in the UK) that hold company shares, bonds issued by companies and governments, commercial property and cash. The fund manager will select investment funds that invest across all countries, currencies and sectors.


LGIM Sterling Liquidity Fund 9.1% of the fund

Nordea 1 Global High Yield Bond Fund 8.6% of the fund

Schroder Recovery Fund 8.4% of the fund

Neuberger Berman Global Bond ARB 6.8% of the fund

Artemis Income Fund 5.7% of the fund

MI TwentyFour AM Dynamic Bond Fund 4.9% of the fund

BlackRock Emerging Markets Loc Curr 4.1% of the fund

Legg Mason Gbl Fd Wstn Asset Stru Opp Prem Cl 4.0% of the fund

Man GLG Continental European Growth 3.8% of the fund

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