The L&G Pharma Breakthrough ETF

The L&G Pharma Breakthrough UCITS ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund that owns shares in pharmaceutical companies, that looks for Long-term value in the pharmaceutical sub-sector that benefits from certain commercial and regulatory incentives.

It’s top ten holdings are:-

Array BioPharma 6.6% of the fund

PTC Therapeutics 4.2% of the fund

PharmaMar 4.0% of the fund

Grifols 3.7% of the fund

CSL 3.6% of the fund

Nippon Shinyaku 3.6% of the fund

Celgene 3.6% of the fund

Jazz Pharmaceuticals 3.4% of the fund

Novartis 3.3% of the fund

Ipsen 3.3% of the fund

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