The Debt of Marks and Spencer plc.

Marks and Spencer PLC funding strategy is to ensure a mix of funding sources offering flexibility and cost effectiveness to match the requirements of the Group. Operating subsidiaries are financed by a combination of retained profits, bank borrowings, medium term notes, finance leases and committed bank facilities

Marks and Spencer has issued Medium Term Notes (MTN) as follows:

2019 £400m 6.125% Annually

2021 £300m 6.125% Annually

2023 £300m 3.000% Annually

2025 £400m 4.750% Annually

2037 US$300m (circa £240m) 7.125% Semi-annually

total debt (£400m + £300m + £300m + £400m + £240m) = £1,640m = £1.64bn

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