Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust

The Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust is a London listed investment trust.

Terry Smith – CEO & CIO Fundsmith LLP. Fundsmith was established in 2010 by Terry Smith. The business is owned and controlled by its partners, Fund Aim The Company’s investment policy is to invest in companies which, in the opinion of the Investment Manager, have the majority of their operations in, or revenue derived from, Developing Economies and which provide direct exposure to the rise of the consumer classes in those countries.The Investment Manager intends to find companies which make their money by a large number of everyday, repeat, relatively predictable transactions. Its strategy is to not overpay when buying the shares of such companies and then do as little dealing as possible in order to minimise the expenses of the Company, allowing the investee companies’ returns to compound for Shareholders with minimum interference. The Investment Manager will avoid the financial sector and heavily cyclical sectors such as construction and manufacturing, utilities, resources and transport, and will instead focus almost exclusively on consumer stocks and in any event only on stocks in companies which will benefit from the rise of the consuming class in the Developing Economies

Top 7 Holdings


Foshan Haitian

Eastern Tobacco





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