JPMorgan American Investment Trust

The JPMorgan American Investment Trust is a London Listed Investment investment trust.

It aims to achieve capital growth from North American investments by outperformance of the S&P 500 index. The Company will predominantly invest in quoted companies including, when appropriate, exposure to smaller capitalisation companies, and emphasise capital growth rather than income. The Company has the ability to use borrowing to gear the portfolio within the range of 5% net cash to 20% geared in normal market conditions :-

It holds:-

Apple Information Technology 5.7% of the fund

Microsoft Information Technology 5.3% of the fund

Wal-Mart Stores Consumer Staples 2.8% of the fund

Cisco Systems Information Technology 2.7% of the fund

Citigroup Financials 2.6% of the fund

AT&T Communication Services 2.6% of the fund

AIG Financials 2.3% of the fund

Comcast Communication Services 2.3% of the fund

United Health Group Health Care 2.3% of the fund

Lowes Consumer Discretionary 2.3% of the fund

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