United Utilities August 2023 Dividend.

On Tue 1st Aug, the FTSE100, United Utilities, (Formed from the merger of North West Water and Norweb), pays out its August 2023 dividend.


30.34p a share

At 31 March 2023, the issued share capital of the company was £499,819,926 divided into 681,888,418 ordinary shares of 5 pence each and 273,956,180 deferred shares of 170 pence each. Details of our share capital and movements in our issued share capital are shown in note 22 to the financial statements on page 258. The ordinary shares represented 71.3 per cent and the deferred shares represented 28.7 per cent
respectively of the shares in issue as at 31 March 2023. All our ordinary shares have the same rights, including the rights to one vote at any of our general meetings, to an equal proportion of any dividends we declare and pay, and to an equal amount of any
surplus assets, which are distributed in the event of a winding-up. Our deferred shares convey no right to income, no right to vote and no appreciable right to participate
in any surplus capital in the event of a winding-up


681,888,418 x £0.3034 = £206,884,946.0212

That is £206 million


Courtesy of The London Stock Exchange

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