US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Trends

The US Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve has a huge balance sheet. Over $8 Trillion Dollars.

Courtesy of the US Federal Reserve

The balance sheet as shown above stands at $8.388323 Trillion.

However, as the graph shows the US Fed was shrinking its balance sheet up to the 6th March 2023:-

Courtesy of the US Federal Reserve.

Then came the liquidity crisis from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. The US Federal Reserve came into help the smaller US Banks by offering liquidity. Thus the US Federal Reserve started to help fund them by buying assets of these banks and increase the size of the US Federal Reserve balance sheet.

Courtesy of the US Federal Reserve.

In those 2 critical weeks, the balance sheet rose from $8,342,283 Million ($8.342283 Trillion) to $8,733787 Million ($8,733787 Trillion). That delta in 2 weeks was:-

(8,733787 – 8,342,283) Million = $391,504 Millon.

The scale of the intervention was $391,504 Million ($391 Billion) during the Silicon Valley Banking Crisis of March 2023

Federal Reserve Board – Recent balance sheet trends

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