M&G Credit Income Investment Trust

The M&G Credit Income Investment Trust is London listed trust, that is an income bearing investment instrument


The Company aims to generate a regular and attractive level of income with low asset
value volatility by investing in a diversified portfolio of public and private debt and debtlike instruments (‘Debt Instruments’), of which at least 70% will be investment grade.

Market capitalisation £131.71m
Number of holdings 142
Quarterly dividend dates Quarterly: Feb, May, Aug and Nov

Top 20 holdings (%)

M&G European Loan Fund (Prvt) 11.65% of the fund
Project Mercury Term Loan (Prvt) 1.77% of the fund
Delamare Finance 1.3066% 19 Feb 2029 1.60% of the fund
Hall & Woodhouse Var. Rate 30 Dec 2023 (Prvt) 1.56% of the fund
RIN II LTD (A) A 144A 1.46% of the fund
PE Fund Finance III Var. Rate 16 Dec 2022 (Prvt) 1.44% of the fund
BSAM 1 1 RegS 1.40% of the fund
Project Hammond (Prvt) 1.34% of the fund
ATLAS 2020 1 Trust AUD Note A2 (Prvt) 1.31% of the fund
Regenter Myatt Field North GBP Term Loan (Prvt) 1.25% of the fund
Signet GBP Stretch Term Loan (Prvt) 1.24% of the fund
Luminis Ltd Mezz Var.Rate 23 Sep 2025 (Prvt) 1.20% of the fund
STCHB 7 A (Prvt) 1.19% of the fund
GONGG 1 (A) A RegS 1.18% of the fund
CBNA T12 Mezz (Prvt) 1.17% of the fund
DRAGN 1 C RegS 1.16% of the fund
Finance For Residential Social FRSH 1 1 A2 RegS 1.16% of the fund
ICSL 1 B RegS 1.09% of the fund
Harmoney B Term Loan (Prvt) 1.03% of the fund
Zurich Finance 5.125% 23/11/52 0.99% of the fund

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