The Fundamentals of AstraZeneca

The proposed takeover of the UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca [] by America’s Pfizer formally failed on Monday 26th May, when Pfizer failed to agree final price with the AstraZeneca board.

Looking at the fundamentals of Astra Zeneca makes interesting reading


With a market capitalisation of about £54 Billion, the dividend yield is over 3%.
Incredible to think in a 0.5% interest climate, the yield on AstraZeneca stock is 3.8%.

The specialisms of Astra Zeneca are:-

[i]Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease (CVMD)
[iii]Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity (RIA).
[iv]Infection, Neuroscience and Gastrointestinal (ING) disease areas

It’s top ten products for sales revenues are:-

Crestor for managing cholesterol levels: Sales £3,337million
Seloken/Toprol–XL for hypertension, heart failure and angina: Sales £445million
Iressa for lung cancer: Sales £384 million
Faslodex for breast cancer: £404 million
Zoladex for prostate and breast cancer: £591 million
Pulmicort for asthma: £514 million
Symbicort for asthma: £2067 million
Nexium for acid-reflux: £2298 million
Seroquel XR for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder: £793 million
Synagis for RSV, a respiratory infection in infants: £629 million

With around 51,500 people employed worldwide, 34.8% in Europe, 21.7% in North America, 6% in Central and South America, 4.1% in the Middle East and Africa and 33.4% in Asia Pacific.

AstraZenca manufacture medicines and sales in sales in 2012 totalled £15.2 billion, with Research and Development each year at £2.37 billion. The flagship R&D facilities are in Cambridge.

The 2nd largest Pharma company on the FTSE-100 index. Perhaps the reason for the takeover by Pfizer, was the 10 products that generated massive revenues and the R&D Pipeline from Cambridge.

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  1. Saad Rahman

    Interesting reading about the takeover bid in the papers recently. Funny enough I was going through this yesterday trying to work out the worth of the company and how much Pfizer was ready to pay. Some extremely large numbers in play!


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