Invesco Bond Income Plus

The Invesco Bond Income Plus is a London listed investment trust.

Its objective is to provide a high level of dividend income relative to prevailing interest rates mainly through investment in bonds and other fixed-interest securities. The Company also invests in equities and other equity-like instruments consistent with the Investment Objective.

Top Ten Holdings:-

Barclays PLC 9.25% 1.83% of the fund
Lloyds Banking Group 7.875% Perpetual PNC15 1.79% of the fund
Vodafone Group PLC 8% 1.48% of the fund
Aviva PLC 6.875% 1.42% of the fund
Clarios Global LP 8.5% 1.34% of the fund
Codere Finance 2 (Luxembourg) S.A 11% 1.21% of the fund
Sainsburys Bank Plc 10.5% 1.14% of the fund
Ziggo Bond Company B.V. 6% 1.12% of the fund
Petra Diamonds US$ Treasury plc 10.5% 1.11% of the fund
Legal & General Group PLC 5.625% 1.06% of the fund

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