Ruffer Investment Company

The Ruffer Investment Company is a London listed investment trust

Investment objective:

The principal objective of the Company is to achieve a positive total annual return, after all expenses, of at least twice the Bank of England base rate. The Company predominantly invests in internationally listed or quoted equities or equity-related securities (including convertibles) or bonds which are issued by corporate issuers, supra-nationals or government organisations. Where appropriate, collective
investment schemes will also be used to gain exposure to these assets.

10 largest equity holdings*

Alibaba Group ADR 1.0% of fund
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co 0.5% of fund
Ambev SA 0.5% of fund
BP 0.4% of fund
Bayer AG 0.4% of fund
Swire Pacific 0.4% of fund
Hipgnosis Songs Fund 0.4% of fund
Pioneer Natural Resources Company 0.3% of fund
Amazon 0.3% of fund
Taylor Maritime 0.3% of fund

5 largest bond holdings

US Treasury FRN 31 Oct 2024 4.1% of fund
US Treasury FRN 31 Jul 2024 3.7% of fund
Japan government 0.005% Aug 2024 3.3% of fund
Japanese govt bonds 0.005% 1 Jul 2024 3.2% of fund
Japanese govt bonds 0.005% 1 Jun 2024 3.2% of fund


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