Personal Assets Trust plc

Personal Assets Trust is what its name implies. It is an investment trust run for private investors, who may often have committed to it a substantial proportion of their personal wealth. Established in Edinburgh in 1983, the Trust’s logo bears the image of its first address. From its inception, Personal Assets Trust has sought to emphasise capital preservation and absolute returns. The Trust is conservatively managed, with concentrated equity holdings and low turnover. It takes a long-term, long-only approach, and has the flexibility to invest in a broad range of asset classes – primarily developed market equities and bonds, gold-related investments, and also cash and short-dated Treasury bills.

Today, Personal Assets Trust has grown to be a constituent of the FTSE 250 index. The Trust is still based in Edinburgh, while our manager, Troy Asset Management Limited, is based in London

It top 10 holdings:-

Gold Bullion (Bars) 9.8% of the fund
Unilever 3.6% of the fund
Nestlé 2.9% of the fund
Visa 2.6% of the fund
Diageo 2.3% of the fund
Becton Dickinson 1.9% of the fund
Microsoft 1.7% of the fund
Alphabet 1.7% of the fund
Franco-Nevada 1.5% of the fund
Procter & Gamble 1.4% of the fund

Total Top 10 29.5%

6 other equity holdings 5.7%
US TIPS 34.8% of the fund
Short-dated Gilts 15.2% of the fund
Short-dated US Treasuries 11.0% of the fund
UK Index-Linked 3.0% of the fund
Cash 0.8% of the fund

TOTAL 100.0%

Capital Structure:-

Shares with voting rights 376,973,429
Shares held in treasury 15,831,771
Net Assets £1,772,914,612

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