Legal & General Multi-Index Income 6 Fund

The objective of this fund is to provide a combination of income and capital growth and to keep the fund within a pre-determined risk profile. While this will be the fund’s focus, it will have a bias towards investments that pay a higher income. At least 75% of the fund will be invested in other authorised investment funds. The fund will invest at least 50% in index-tracker funds which are operated by Legal & General.

It is spread across 5 asset classes:-

Government Bonds 2.1% of the fund

Equities 58.4% of the fund

Cash 0.3% of the fund

Credit and Emerging Market Debt 29.6% of the fund

Alternatives 9.6% of the fund


L&G UK Index Trust 9.9% of the fund

L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (Local Currency) Index Fund 7.9% of the fund

iShares UK Dividend UCITS ETF 7.5% of the fund

L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (US$) Index Fund 7.4% of the fund

L&G US Index Trust 7.0% of the fund

L&G Pacific Index Trust 6.4% of the fund

L&G High Income Trust 6.2% of the fund

L&G European Index Trust 5.9% of the fund

LGIM Global Corporate Bond Fund 5.0% of the fund

L&G UK Property Fund 4.4% of the fund

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