CQS New City High Yield Fund

The CQS New City High Yield Fund is a London listed investment trust.


The objective of the CQS New City High Yield Fund is to To provide investors with a high dividend yield and the potential for capital growth by investing mainly in high yielding fixed interest securities

Top 10 Holdings (%) are:-

Punch Taverns 7.75% 30/12/2025 3.74% of the fund

Perform Group Financing 8.5% 15/11/2020 3.68 % of the fund

CYBG 8% Variable Perpetual 3.38% of the fund

Shawbrook Group 7.875% Variable Perpetual 3.19% of the fund

Galaxy Finco Ltd 7.875% 15/11/2021 2.95% of the fund

Rea Finance 8.75% 31/08/2020 2.63% of the fund

Matalan Finance 9.5% 31/01/2024 2.35% of the fund

Barclays Bank 7% Variable Perpetual 2.34% of the fund

Onesavings Bank Plc 9.125% Variable Perpertual 2.32% of the fund

Wittur Intl 8.5% 15/02/2023 2.29 % of the fund


7.4% yield

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