Royal Dutch Shell’s December 2018 Dividend

On Wed December 19th RDSA & RDSB (Royal Dutch Shell A and B) paid out it’s quarterly December 2018 Dividend.

RDSA Royal Dutch Shell A FTSE 100 $0.47 (36.77p) a share
RDSB Royal Dutch Shell B FTSE 100 $0.47 (36.77p) a share

£0.3677 a share.

Royal Dutch Shell plc´s capital consists of 4,513,394,760 A shares and 3,745,486,731 B shares, each with equal voting rights. Royal Dutch Shell plc holds no ordinary shares in Treasury. The total number of A shares and B shares in issue is 8,258,881,491


8,258,881,491 x £0.3677 = £3,036,790,724.2407

That is £3Billion of cash paid out. Delicious.





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